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Related article: Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 08:15:03 -0600 From: Brian Subject: African Kid 10Disclaimer: This is fiction. Erotic fiction, dealing with sex between consenting adults. If your are under Eighteen and it is illegal in your state, or country you should leave this site now. Any names, places or events are strictly coincidental.Chapter 10 "Damn, Damn, double damn." Taga walked out of the bedroom."What's the matter Master?""Onou's run off. Damn I have to find him, it's all my fault.""NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!" Taga Screamed."It's my fault." He cried and collapsed on the floor.I grabbed him and pulled him up. Wrapping my arms around him."Easy Son. It's not your fault. It's all mine. I should have stopped things last night and I didn't.""But Master. I wanted it.""Devine. Take care of Taga. I'm going looking for him. He couldn't have got far."I pulled on shorts and a t-shirt and sandals and bolted out the door. I ran first to the lodge. Not finding him there I ran down to the beach. I couldn't see any tracks in the sand so I went and jumped in my Rover and headed out to the highway. Preteen Girls Nude I drove about 5 clicks in both directions and then back to the lodge. Damn where could he have gone. I was just sick, how could I do that to the one I loved so much. Well no more. Ever."Did you find him Father?" Steven Asked."No Son. I just don't know where he would go. I can only hope he took off to think. God I miss him." I started to cry then.I just sat in the rover and cried. Later I moved to the deck and just sat. Not talking even when one of my boys came up to comfort me. John came down to say he was on his way to the Shipwreck Inn. I asked him if he could drive the boys there in the van, as Onou wasn't available. He agreed and said he would bring them back later.Both Steven and Devine tried to get me eat or at least drink something, but I just ignored them. I finally walked down to the beach and just sat looking out to sea. I didn't know I could feel so much inner pain at the loss of one I loved so much. I lost all track of time, not even noticing the day go by."Father, Father. Please come in. It's getting cold out here. Onou will come back. He loves you more than Steven or me. Please Father.""I'll be in, in a while."Devine got up and walked away.I finally decided I needed to face it. Onou might not come back. God how I wished I could just turn back the clock. I got up and walked back to the cottage. I slipped on a jacket and poured a full glass of bourbon and went out on the deck. Well I could get drunk. It wouldn't stop the pain, but might make it more manageable. I don't know how much I drank, But sometime during the night."Father. Come inside, Your going to catch your death out here."My Son helped me inside and into one of the bed rooms. He undressed me and then laid down beside me. I wrapped my arms around him. I started to cry, I remember. I woke with a splitting headache. When I looked Onou had his arms around me. I started to cry again. My Son was back and I would never let him out of my sight again. I hugged him closer and kissed him. He opened his eyes."I'm sorry Father. I just needed to think.""Nothing to be sorry about Son. I need to be alone too, sometimes to just think. I'm the one that should be sorry. I should never allowed that night to go on. Never again Son. The only one I will ever want in my bed from now on are You, Devine or Steven. My love is only for you and them.""But Father you don't understand. I wanted to fuck Taga. I wanted to cause him as much pain as I could. I guess I was jealous of him. Even when he fainted I wanted to continue. I hated him at that point, because he had you inside him and not inside me. I'm sorry Father. I just didn't know anymore.""Well that will never happen again love. If the other boys need sex they will just have to find it them selves. No one else will ever share my bed but my sons. And you more than the rest."Onou looked at me with so much love in his eyes I just wilted."Do you want it now Son or can you wait until tonight. All night."Anytime you want Father.""Well I didn't eat yesterday so I think I need a little energy to keep me going."I slipped down and took his cock into my mouth. I gave him the best blowjob I think I have ever given. And I really loved it when he just forced all of his cock into me. This was my heaven. Having a thick black cock fucking my face. God I loved it. Even as he came I continued to suck pulling his cock deep into my throat as I swallowed. He finally had to really pull his cock out of me."God Father, it seems like forever since you did that. My Preteen Girls Nude turn."He dropped down and swallowed my cock right to the pubes. At the same time one hand massaged my balls, while the other massaged my rosebud."Fuck me Onou."He lifted off."Later Father. All night if you want Preteen Girls Nude me." He then went back to sucking meWhen he slipped a finger into my ass, I just shuddered and unloaded into his mouth. He sucked and sucked and sucked. Drove me almost around the bend. When he lifted off."You still taste best Father.""You too Son."When we walked out of the bedroom, both Devine and Steven mobbed Onou, Kissing and hugging him. He kissed both his brothers and then helped me into the shower. After the shower we dressed and went up for breakfast. All the other boys were there. The boy I had fucked on the Preteen Girls Nude beach was sitting alone by the door. I walked to him."Hi. I see you made it.""Yes Sir. I got here early.""Have you had breakfast?""No Sir.""By the way, what's your name?""Simon Mutabi Sir.""Well Simon, come and meet the rest of the gang."All my Sons and the rest welcomed Simon like he was a long lost brother. I couldn't believe how welcome they made him feel."Well Simon. Are you ready to work?""Yes Sir.""Good. Onou, you will drive all these guys to the Ship Wreck Inn and bring them back. You are my foreman. Boys you do what ever he says."I heard a collective. 'Yes Sir'."Devine, Steven, you two will be coming with me to Cape Town.""You have work boots Simon?""Yes Sir."After breakfast, Onou loaded up the boys and took off. I changed into long pants and a shirt, both my boys did the same and we headed for Clanwilliam. I phoned my pilots and they had the aircraft ready when we arrived. Short flight, all of just an hour. I rented a car and drove to the architects office. 'Cleary and Associates.'When I walked in the secretary all but ignored me until I said."You have a problem?""Sorry Sir. Just a little busy.""Bullshit. You haven't answered one call since I have been standing here.""Sir. I don't have to take that from anyone.""Fine. So I take it this company doesn't need more business. I'll just go someplace else."A very black male overheard my conversation with the secretary."Can I help you Sir." He said in what I would call perfect English."Possibly, I was recommended here from a Safari Lodge you built in Kenya."He put out his hand."I'm William Walley, an associate here.""Spencer Hamilton." I shook his hand."Come on in Mr. Hamilton and I'll see if I can help you."He led all three of us to a very cluttered office. Plans and blueprints seemed to be everywhere. He just dumped all of them off the chairs onto the floor."Sorry about the mess, but were a little short on help here right now.""Very busy?" I asked."No. Just short of good clerical help.""Well Mr. Hamilton, what can I do for you?"I showed him the picture of the Safari Lodge."Wow. That's one of my designs."He got up and walked to a set of plans and spread them on his desk."That's it." I said."You want me to build another like this?""Well yes and no. I'd like some modifications to that plan.""Okay Sir. You tell me what exactly you want.""Okay. Square foot wise I want it almost double. First level will be reception. Second level will be a dinning room and third level will be a lounge. I want the same motif outside. I also want wrap around decks on the second and third levels. You will have to design extensions on both sides of the first level. Each extension will be twenty motel type rooms, with a deck running full length of each extension. You will need to design in an elevator. I want this to be handicapped accessible. There will be other buildings I will also want designed and built in time.""You plan on building this here?""No. I already have property up the coast.""Well sir. I have no problem doing as you want but, I'll need a deposit."I opened my briefcase, pulled out a check book and wrote a check for 100,000 US Dollars, and handed it to him."No problem Sir.""Good how soon will you have the plans available?""Ten days. Tops."I gave him my email address and told him thank you, Me and my two sons left his office. Next stop Old English Inn.My Sons. Oh how I loved that. They were my Sons. Right outside the office I turned and kissed both.Both were a little bewildered."Just needed to kiss my Sons." I said.They both almost burst into tears.I drove to the Old English Inn. Parked in front and walked in. Charlie was working on the front desk."Hey Charlie. Sorry I haven't been back.""Spence. Good to see you. Your suite is still available.""Well I won't need it anymore. You can bill me up till today. I have bought the Ship Wreck Inn.""Wow. Planning on staying for a while then?""Well at least until it is renovated and up and running, which brings me to my next question. Interested in managing it for me?""Well, wow, I'd definitely need to think about that.""Charlie. I know you are one of the best managers in the business. Your fair, honest and above reproach. I'll pay 20% more than what your getting here and throw in quarters too. I'm totally rebuilding the Resort. I want to bring it up to 5 star rating and make a place to stay year round.""Christ, your going all out then. Preteen Girls Nude I'll definitely think on your offer.""Okay, that's all I can ask. Next question. Do you know of a good contractor who can do both demolition and construction to the very highest standards?""You want Eddy Motaba. He's done renovations here before and I know he would welcome the work. There isn't much going on I Cape Town right now."Charlie handed me his business card."Look Charlie. Once I have the plans finalized, I'll bring them over for you to look over. Then if you decide you want the job, it will give you time to clear up everything here and move up the coast.""Okay Spence. I'll wait and see what you have in mind."I shook hands with him and we left to find Eddy Motaba.It took me the better part of an hour to find the contractors yard. It was full of idle equipment. We walked into a very cluttered office."Good Afternoon. Eddy Motaba?""Yes. How can help you?""I'm Spencer Hamilton. These two are two of my Sons. This is Devine and Steven. My third son is up the coast working.""Your Sons? Really.""Well not legally yet. But soon as I can get all the legal stuff out of the way they will be."He had a ready smile, and now showed it. He walked around his desk and shook our hands."So what can I do for you Mr. Hamilton?""I'd like to offer you the Prime Contract for the renovation and construction of a resort I have purchased up the coast.""Let me guess. The Ship Wreck Bay Resort.""Yes. How did you know?"He handed me a news paper, The head line was.AMERICAN MILLIONAIRE SHUTS DOWN SUPREMISTSThe story went on to say everything that had happened up the coast, with the ending saying that I had purchased the Ship Wreck Bay resort."I didn't know it had hit the papers.""You're a bit of a celebrity now.""Hope it doesn't effect your price tag." I laughed."No, no, no, tell me what you have in mind sir."We talked for about two hours and he said he would drive up the next day to look over the property. He said after he saw what need to be done he could give me a price on the demolition. However he would need to see the plans before giving me a price on construction. I gave him a cheque for 50,000 dollars as a down payment. We shook hands and then left."Well boys anything you would like to do before we head back?""Can we get something for Onou?""Actually, that is a very good idea."We drove downtown and I stopped at a jewelry store.I purchased 3 heavy gold chains, one for each of my Sons. I also picked out three rings, each with the birth stone of each. I used Ruby for Devine because he didn't know exactly when he was born. But Ruby was my birth stone. I told the boys they could give Onou his chain when we got back. And I would give him the ring. As usual they got some what teary eyed when I gave them their rings. We then headed back to the airport to fly home.Home. I guess for a while it was going to be our home.When we got back all the boys were back and down by the ocean swimming. Onou and Simon were sitting talking on the deck outside our cottage."Well how was your first day Simon?" I asked."Fine Sir.""Do you need a ride home?""Well Sir. I was wondering if maybe I could stay here until the cabins at the resort are ready.""Oh I think we could find room. As long as you don't mind sharing a bed with one or two of my Sons.""If its okay with them, that would be okay.""I'm sure they will be happy with the arrangement."I handed Onou the ring I had bought him. He stood up and kissed me."Thank you Father. It's very nice."Devine and Steven then ran up and put the chain around his neck and then kissed him. He got all teary eyed as he looked at the chain. We all sat and talked before heading up for dinner. After Dinner we went back to our cottage and sat and had a few beers. Onou told me they had everything ready to burn at the old servants quarters, but he wanted me there to light it up."Okay Son, I'll come down tomorrow."After it cooled down a bit we all went inside. All my sons just stripped. Simon looked at all three and then slowly undressed. He paid particular attention to the huge sausage between Steven's legs. I don't think he had ever seen such a huge cock before.After he had looked at all my boys."I guess I should shave too.""Simon, only if you want to. I like my Sons clean shaven but you don't have to.""Well I think it looks kind of neat.""You want one of my boys to help you?""Okay.""I'll help him Father." Steven piped up.Both boys headed for the bathroom. Devine laughed."I think Simon has a crush on Steven.""Well I hope he knows what he is getting himself into. Steven will split him open. And to top it off Simon is a bottom boy. He doesn't like to fuck.""Cool." Both boys laughed."Devine I promised Onou that he would sleep with me tonight. I have been neglecting him and I really want a night alone with him.""I know Father. Preteen Girls Nude After all he is your number one Son. And both Steven and I were going to suggest that you have him tonight. We've both shared him for a while.""Well I decided that only you boys would sleep with me from now on. If you want to have sex with others that's okay too, but only you three will share my bed.""What about Simon Father. I think he would like to have you too. That's all he talked about at work today. He really likes you Father.""Well after you and Steven finish with him tonight, do you think he will still feel the same way." I chuckled.Picturing Steven putting his beer can cock into Simon got me very hard."Devine you had better use something to gag him with if Steven fucks him tonight. Otherwise he will wake everyone in the resort.""Yes Father. I have something to gag him with." He giggled.I looked at Onou."Well I think one more beer and then bed. Okay with you Son?""Yes Father." He smiled.A few minutes later, Simon and Steven came out of the bathroom. Simon was now completely shaved of his pubes. He also had a semi-hard on. Steven was also pretty hard. Simon showed off his now shaved crotch to me and then Steven led him into the bedroom. Devine followed."Well I guess that leaves just us Son. Come over here and give me a kiss."He came over and sat down beside me. I leaned into him and gave him a deep and loving kiss. He reached down and played with my cock in my shorts, while I slowly jacked him. Fuck the beer I thought and stood up and took him by the hand."Come on Love, lets go to bed."I led him into the bedroom and pushed him down on the bed. I then slowly undressed. As I laid down beside him he tried to turn to suck me."Not yet Love. My turn first."I kissed him for several minutes and then worked my way down to his tits. I sucked and nibbled each before moving Preteen Girls Nude down to his cock and balls. I licked both before moving down to his feet. I sucked each toe and then made my way up to his ass. I rimmed him for a long time, while he wreathed and groaned. After rimming his wonderful ass and rosebud I slipped up and swallowed his cock. After sucking him for about ten minutes."Now Love fuck me."He rolled me onto my back and then positioned himself between my legs. He lifted my legs up and dived in with his tongue. He stopped briefly as we heard a strangled scream from next door. Simon was getting fucked by either Steven or Devine. He dove back into my ass and licked and probed with his tongue. I kept pleading with him to fuck me. Finally, he lifted my legs and I felt the head of his cock at my entrance. He just held it there, when what I wanted was for him to just drive it in."Come on you black bastard. Fuck me."I knew I shouldn't goad him, but that seemed to be what he wanted. He smiled, a real wicked smile and then just drove all 10 inches straight in. I forgot how really big he was and the pain of his entry made me gasp. I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming. He held it in for about a minute and then started to fuck. Long fast strokes. The pain of his fucking slowly subsided to be replaced with such feelings of enjoyment that I wanted him to fuck harder and faster."Harder, faster, oh please fuck me, fuck me."I never wanted it to end. The feelings inside me were driving me to push up against him as he bottomed out in my ass. He pounded my ass for what seemed like forever. Finally stopping deep in me and pumping his massive load of Sperm directly into my colon. He collapsed over me, but my body kept pushing up against his cock. He remained very hard inside me.I kissed him and necked with him even as he remained inside.As he started to pull out, I grabbed his ass and held him in."Again Son. I want it again."He just looked at me and then rolled me over and pushed my legs up. Now in a doggy position, he slapped both my ass cheeks very hard."You want it you white cock- sucker? Then your going to get it."Onou was very muscled young man. He had very strong legs and back. When he started this time he just drove in and out as hard and as fast as he could. My cock was hard as a rock, with the feelings he was creating with his pounding. It went on and on, never slowing. An hour, then two and still he pounded away. All at once he stopped and I felt him unload inside me again. The rush was so good, that my own cock shot off spraying come all over the bed. He then pulled out and pulled me back so I was sitting on his face. He started to rim me then, licking and sucking at the double load draining from my ass. That just made me shoot again. He finally pushed me off and collapsed at my side.He grabbed me and kissed me, sharing the juices he had sucked from my ass. Wow. I was in heaven. I finally pushed him onto his back and went down and cleaned and sucked his cock. He pulled me around and took my cock into his mouth. That's how I woke up in the morning. Onou's cock buried in my mouth and mine in his. I slowly started to suck him. He woke up and pulled out and turned to be beside me."I'm sorry Father I called you a cock sucker.""And I'm sorry I called you a black bastard Onou.""But I am a bastard Father." He laughed."Not to me Son. Not to me."We just laid there hugging each other.TBC
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